Post 1: 30/11/16 – Hungry

I am physically hungry right this second. Somehow managed to skip breakfast which probably happens once a year tops for me. Also hungry for knowledge today. Or, maybe, hungry for the ability to consume more. You know, you’re looking around on Christmas day, after eating a whole turkey, a bucketful of sprouts, twenty pigs-in-blankets, and five glasses of sherry, going ‘I just wish I had more space!’. That, my friends, is how my brain feels on this Masters course. A first-world problem like no other (like every other, in fact).

Today, I had my penultimate (I believe) philosophy lecture and seminar on the politics of knowledge, particular regarding interdisciplinarity. I decided not to go to the external seminar afterwards. I have a meeting with a prospective supervisor tomorrow who conducts studies using MIRAGE, on body schema and body image. The deadline is also tomorrow for submitting our preference(s). I am also waiting to hear back from JH, but can definitely do some research on her in the timebeing. Finally, I need to make a Moodle post for my Research Design, Ethics and Practice module, on the second ethics lecture. I have NOTHING to say off the top of my head and wonder if anything bad will actually happen if I don’t contribute. But then I think so many others have and it’s not fair of me to ditch out of it. I think this represents my avoidance of engaging critically with the whole topic. I don’t see it as important enough. It probably ranks lowest out of all my autumn modules. Of course, that’ll be a big shock when actually writing the essay for it… I think I need to create a bit more time in my schedule to engage with it, instead of just stalking potential PhD supervisors!

How I want to use my time today:

  • engage with R D, E, P module, even if it is just last week’s lecture, and create five lines of reflection to post on Moodle. Follow on from this to think about the essay question.
  • Look up RN’s research and just get to grips with it. Don’t put pressure on yourself to formulate a whole research project in a day. Send him another email this evening to see where you are at in arranging tomorrow’s meeting.
  • Look up JH’s research. Same as above. Don’t shove your face against the Angle grinder. It’ll hurt! Don’t even think about emailing her again until next week.
  • Read the email you were sent about UoR’s research areas. Maybe email back with any questions.
  • Start formulating a plan for next year and how you are going to anihilate the Professional Skills module.
  • At a push: Pick a question for the philosophy module!

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