Getting a research project supervisor

This week has felt unnecessarily stressful in my hunt for a summer supervisor. Whilst meeting ET was a walk in the park, meeting RN took it out of me. Bear in mind, we’re in deadline week for submitting our preferences. We arrange to meet on Tuesday and he forgets, so I am standing in the corridor waiting and then go back to my tutorial. We rearrange for Thursday and I tell him I finish my lectures at 11. He doesn’t respond. I email again on Thursday and he says he has meetings but he doesn’t know when – could I turn up at 9.30? I feel frustrated and ignored by this point but I give it one final shot. We meet, it’s easy, he shows me the MIRAGE gismo and it’s entertaining. Go back back to lecture. He’s somehow talking about the politics of science which helps me choose a question for my philosophy module (the one on the politics of science, no doubt). I feel whiped out again, though, and have done all week. I get home and sleep.


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