Time to celebrate?

I have not allowed myself to be happy or relax. Perhaps because I know there are still many hurdles to go and this is not the final victory. But it is a victory. Skyped my potential supervisor and she seems very on board! This is very cool. There is a lot to do. A LOT. Trying to not get overwhelmed by the mountain and look at each step. Trying. Honestly I feel exhaustion behind my eyes and I ate like an hour ago and I am hungry again. My body is a freakin’ steam train.

And, flip me, I am SO easily side-tracked. I open my laptop to write a schedule for the next month, start writing this, and then suddenly I am doing my references for a PhD application. I am wired. Wired wrong maybe. Never give me drugs.

Oh, and it’s refusing to save my changes.


So, yes, back to the victory! I need to make note of this occasion before it is a faint memory.


Nope, sorry, got distracted by Guy Jones. My bad. Okay, right, I got this. (I am too hungry, really). So it gets to past 2pm and I have been freaking out but thankfully the distraction of her being late to our Skype meeting means I momentarily forget to panic and suddeny we’re using Google Hangouts (??!) and she’s there and she’s ill, bless her. We chat for about an hour, about my CV and their research and who’s hot right now and what I want to do and how we can merge our worlds into a beautiful something. Then she seemed very freaked out by the ESRC application and if she’s freaked, what am I supposed to be!? (One step at a time, baby). But then it’s the typical, do you have any other questions and have a nice Christmas, bon voyage!


Oh wait, did I just sign myself up to writing a research proposal by the end of next week?



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