“Welcome aboard AirPsycho, hope you have a nice trip. The exits are… nowhere. This is your life now.

A range of assignments, applications and nervous breakdowns are available on this trip.”

Words taken from my coursemate, Nat! Which I think are just brilliant.


The last few days have been interesting. I managed to send off a work-in-progress research proposal to my potential PhD supervisor. To which I got an automated reply… However, I also asked my undergraduate supervisor for a reference and she still wants to publish with me, even after all these years! The best thing of all (grab your sickbags!) is having a boyfriend who gets it. Who understands when I explain concepts to him and sees links I hadn’t even thought of. He’s never even been to university, let alone done a Masters. So hats (and everything else) off to him. It’s christmas eve, so I feel like I shouldn’t be doing any work, but the thing is – CHRISTMAS IS KINDA GETTING IN MY WAY. I love seeing my family and friends, of course I do. But would you all mind postponing until February this year? It’s just, it’s a little bit inconvenient. When you have three essays (total 10,000 words) to write, one (two essay) exam to revise for, a PhD application to do, all by the end of January. I am not freaking out, yet. But it’s on the cards, in the stars. My dad tried talking me out of going to Norfolk on Thursday (which is where he lives, by the way, but I am also going for a christmas meal with friendipoos) simply because he thought I was mad with the amount of work I’ve got on.


I’m not quite sure if this is reflective writing so much as ranting…


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