Things they should tell you before doing a Masters

  • You need the mental strength of a buffalo. Wait, no, that’s physical strength. The mental strength of a guy walking across fire coals whilst wearing underwear made out of cacti. That might be more appropriate.
  • No matter how much you plan – NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU PLAN – you will submit your work a minute late with missing references.
  • Re above point, you will know you can do better and want to jump up and down like a two year old denied ice cream due to the frustration of not demonstrating your potential.
  • Imposter syndrome eats you up.
  • Panic paralysis pins you down.

Today, I am not recommending doing a Masters to anyone.

  • Oh what’s that, you ask, another deadline due in less than 24 hours? Oh goody.

2 thoughts on “Things they should tell you before doing a Masters

    1. I am so glad someone can benefit from this as I really felt like I went into it without any warning (although more fool me for not asking postgrads about their experiences). Also, please do bear in mind that I often post on here when I need to rant so it might be as balanced as it should be 😉

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