Meeting with my project supervisor

It’s Doris Day today. I prayed this morning that the storm would get so bad that I wouldn’t need to go in and meet with my supervisor because of my fundamental lack of ideas. Although I had one, it was someone else’s. Anyway, the time came and I got in my car and the journey was fine. By the time I was on campus, the wind had picked up and my once sturdy and dependable (and very pretty) umbrella is now in a bin.

If it wasn’t clear, I was kind of dreading this meeting. He wasn’t in a swell mood, either, as his lab has been flooded. But we did um and ahh and we’re going to see what we can do with my stolen idea. I am just glad he isn’t scary like my internship supervisor. The idea is looking at temperature asymmetry in limbs/hands, to see if this changes body perception and pain, based on what we know about complex regional pain syndrome. I’ve got a week to crack on with the research to build a solid hypothesis!

But back to my presentation for now.


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