Didn’t quite meet expectations, did it?

As part of the course, we all need to complete a module called Professional Skills which has multiple elements to it (that are all then submitted together as a portfolio). One of the elements is signing up to some of the courses put on by the Graduate School. In theory, these shouldn’t take longer than 2 days max., and most are half days. The one that I am working on at the moment is called Introduction to SPSS. Now, don’t get me wrong, I did plenty of stats at undergraduate and I loved it. And I made the terrible assumption that more stats would just be a compulsory part of this course. However, it isn’t, and I am somehow two thirds through with no idea what a t-test is. Because I finished my first degree in 2014 and probably haven’t done anything statistical since the end of 2013 in all honestly. My memory did not hold onto much, I tell you! So now I am desperately trying to get my stats skills up to scratch via extra-curricular mini courses, because if I finish this Masters with no idea how to analyse data, then the whole world will take me for a fool.


(Also, part of the Professional Skills module is to demonstrate reflexivity regarding this “extra” learning. Think this might be more of an outburst than reflexive post…)


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