PhD plans

So I guess some things have changed, but everything remains the same. Difficult to not fall into a real lull between assessments. They’ll hit me like a ton of bricks if I am not careful. The internship is still going at snail pace (the research internship is a module where you work with someone for approx. 80 hours, helping with their study and writing something useful for them e.g. a Methods section) but I feel like I’ve tried my hardest to get it going. Still, it’s 20 credits that I don’t want to do badly on, but I feel least motivated with that module, shame.

Me and my boyfriend just hit one year! Big landmark for me, never got this far in a relationship before. It’s been weird learning about compromise and trying to stitch up your life with someone else’s. Especially as he’s three and a half hours away! Applying to the University of Reading was a tough one for us. He doesn’t want me somewhere else that’s not Bournemouth for three plus years, and I can’t blame him. But we’ve been looking at the various options and we’re happy to both be flexible! So I am having one more shot at funding for that. The final push. So I’ll be applying to the Parkinson’s Society and seeing how we get with it. 🙂

( for my previous PhD mention.)


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